HBase Releases

Please make sure you're downloading from a nearby mirror site, not from www.apache.org.

We suggest downloading the current stable release.

The 1.2.x series is the current stable release line, it supercedes earlier release lines (the 1.1.x line is still seeing a regular cadence of bug fix releases for those who are not easily able to update). Note that: 0.96 was EOM'd September 2014; 1.0 was EOM'd January 2016; 0.94 and 0.98 were EOM'd April 2017.

For older versions, check the apache archive.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]Parent Directory  -  
[DIR]1.1.11/20-Jun-2017 19:42 -  
[DIR]1.2.6/20-Jun-2017 19:42 -  
[DIR]1.3.1/20-Jun-2017 19:41 -  
[DIR]2.0.0-alpha-1/22-Jun-2017 06:26 -  
[DIR]hbase-thirdparty-1.0.0/05-Jul-2017 13:07 -  
[DIR]stable/20-Jun-2017 19:42 -